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The foundation of the Breuell & Hilgenfeldt Holding GmbH is based on a long hanseatic tradition. Already in 1888 the family Breuell was known in the Hamburg free-port area for their trading activities.


At the end of the second world war the one-man company "Egon Breuell Ingenieurbuero and Technical Sales Representative" was founded on 1st December 1946 by Egon Breuell. The company established business in the branches electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. In 1968 the company "Berliner Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft Otto Speck & Co. KG" and the company "BESEG" have been taken over. Both companies were founded in 1913 in Berlin. At the time of taking over the companies the offices were transfered to Hamburg and the company was renamed to "BEG". At that time the company was especially active and sucessful in the branch lighting engineering.

After finishing his academic studies Reinhard Breuell entered the company in 1976 followed by his brother Manfred Breuell in 1980. The brothers founded the company "Breuell Ingebieurbuero Technische Vertretungen GmbH" in 1981.

Erich Hilgenfeldt founded his one-man company in 1970. In the beginning he concentrated on the sales and distribution of fastening elements, before he focussed on cable lugs and solderless connection material. This new focus led to the break through and the introduction of isolated cable end sleeves and therefore to the substainable success of the company. Already at that time the brand "Hilpress" was used for the self invented cable lug presses.

In 1985 Erich Hilgenfeldt and the Breuell brothers decided to found the common company "Hilpress Solderless Cable Lugs and Connectors GmbH". Erich Hilgenfeldt also becomes managing director of the company Breuell.

Until today the good partnership is the basis for the success of the company group. In all these years the managing partners found a common way and were able to accept the oppinion of the other partners. Out of the small beginnings a booming medium-sized company was formed.

Following a short list of distictive year dates:

  • 1990 Foundation of the property association Breuell und Hilgenfeldt
  • 1991 Removal into the new build offices in Hamburg Hummelsbüttel
  • 1993 Acquisition of the neighbour property and double of warehouse places
  • 1994 Renaming of BEG into BREUELL + HILGENFELDT GmbH
  • 1995 Foundation of TER Tecno Elettrica Ravasi Germany GmbH
  • 1996 Acquisition of the company FLICK VERBINDER GMBH, Soest
  • 1996 Foundation of company subsidiary HILPRESS FRANCE
  • 2001 Foundation of company subsidiary HILPRESS POLSKA
  • 2002 Acquisition of another neighbour property and building of a modern office building
  • 2006 Acquisition of another neighbour property with offices and warehouse (currently rented)
  • 2006 the property association Breuell und Hilgenfeldt becomes BREUELL + HILGENFELDT HOLDING GmbH and now ownes all real estates and all shares of all companies of the group. Managing partners are the Breuell brothers and Erich Hilgenfeldt in equal parts.
  • 2006 Acquisition of company INTRATEC Warenhandelsgesellschaft GmbH
  • 2007 Foundation of company subsidiary HILPRESS Czech Republic
  • 2007 Opening of a China office in canton
  • 2008 Acquisition of another neighbour property with offices, production and warehouse
  • 2008 Foundation of company subsidiaries HILPRESS SLOWAKIA und HILPRESS BULGARIA
  • 2008 Acquisition of another neighbour property, Grützmühlenweg 46

  • 2009 rebranding of the company TER Deutschland GmbH in B-COMMAND GmbH
  • 2014 Acquisition of the property Oststraße 96, Norderstedt, and removal of the Servicecenter EBM Paps
  • 2017 Acquisition of the property Oststraße 85, Norderstedt, and removal of the company B-SAFETY


Today in all companies more than 100 people are employed and the total turnover of the group has exceeded 40 million Euro.