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New logo of the B-COMMAND GmbH

The B-COMMAND GmbH did not only get in the year a fresh painting by the new Logo, but also a Top modern trend new homepage on-line put.

You are welcome to visit them at:

New Office Building in Norderstedt

Industrial Area Harkshörn / Oststraße

We needed space and could not cover it in Hamburg anymore.

In 2015 we took over the building of the former Roland Werke in Oststrasse 96 and were able to accommodate our fans and motors division.

In 2017 the purchase of another property in Norderstedt, Ostraße 85, is now the home of B-SAFETY.

Office Building Gruetzmuehlenweg 46

For over 17 years now our offices are located in Gruetzmuehlenweg in Hummelsbüttel, Hamburg. For many years we have worked successfully in the rooms of our building in Gruetzmuehlenweg No. 40 and No. 42.

In 2002 we have moved some parts of our company to the office building newly built in Stiegstueck No. 34. The successful development has helped us to acquire the building in Grützmühlenweg No. 48 in early 2008. After the conversion of the building the Breuell & Hilgenfeldt GmbH moved into the newly acquired areas.

A happy circumstance now also allowed us to acquire the building Gruetzmuehlenweg No. 46. In the currently ongoing renovation work new office and warehouse space to be created for our employees. Upon completion, the Breuell Engineering Office GmbH will see its new headquarters here. We wish the staff every success in new areas.